About terror and wars on terror...

-Why say no to terror and war?

Terror and war seem to be very different in principle, but in the facts they are not. While the first looks barbaric and nonsensical, the other looks legitimated by society and international treaties. In reality terror and war are mostly inspired by political intentions, take as victims normal people without power on political decisions, and produce a great deal of destruction  and anguish. Additionally, wars create the best conditions to commit the worst crimes, because it is harder to ask for accountability of what happens in the affected regions.

-How to say no to terror and war?

By spreading your opinion among the ones you know, you can have an impact on your local society, eventually, when a large part of society supports these ideas, politicians could take the idea and implement it on a national or international level. Removing political support from parties that support terror or war is also an option.

-How to respond to acts of terror?

It is hard to give an opinion on this topic, because it is such an emotional theme, but some leading opinions suggest political solutions to the conflicts (like in N. Ireland), or the use of civil law, like suggested by the spanish judge Baltasar Garzon. (essay in german).