Course Evaluation


M. Rayment

General Information

Average year of studies: 1.9
Expected Course Grade: A's: 8 B's: 15 C's: 2 D's: 3 F's: 0
Average Cumulative GPA (not accurate): 4.1
Enrollment 53 Respondants 28 Percent response 52.8

Part I

The following questions have been rated according to the scale below:
1 - unsatisfactory
2 - below average
3 - average, satisfactory, usually good
4 - above average
5 - exceptional

A. Course

Question Response
How interesting did you find this course? 3.0
How difficult did you find this course material? 3.1
Clarity of the outline, marking scheme and general info about this course? 3.1
Usefulness of the feedback on your performance in this course? 3.1
Usefulness of the textbook or reading material? 3.3
Adequacy of the computing facilities (if needed for this course)? 3.7
Adequacy of prerequisites for this course? 3.3

B. Assignments/Projects

Question Response
How helpful were the assignments/projects in learning the course material? 3.8
How challenging were the assignments/projects? 3.8
Did you feel that the assignments were marked fairly? 3.8

C. Tests

Question Response
How well did the test(s) reflect the course material? 3.3
How challenging did you find the test(s)? 4.1
Did you feel that the tests were marked fairly? 3.9

D. Instruction

Question Response
Organization and preparation of lectures? 3.1
Clarity of the explanation of the main concepts and ideas? 3.2
Instructor's ability to stimulate interest in the subject? 2.7
Instructor's enthusiasm in teaching the course? 3.8
Instructor's command of the subject? 4.0
Instructor's responsiveness to class difficulties? 3.7
Availability of consultations outside the class? 3.6
Your overall rating of the instructor's teaching skills? 3.4

Part II

What are the aspects of this course that you LIKED most?

What are the aspects of this course that you DISLIKED most?

What were the STRONG points of the instructor's teaching of this course?

What were the WEAK points of the instructor's teaching of this course?

Any other comments related to the course or this questionnaire?