Bioinformatics Lab Members


Current members

* Ryan Zier-Vogel

    Ph.D. student (co-supervised with Dr. Wareham), Computer Science.

    Topic: Improving nearest-neighbor approach for the prediction of transcription factor binding preferences.

  1. *Kunal Dhir

    Master’s student (co-supervised with Dr. Brown), Computer Science.

    Topic: Interactive visualization of gene/protein expression data through interactive heatmaps

  1. *Sadra Mirhendi

    Master’s student (co-supervised with Dr. Hu), Computer Science.

    Topic: Network integration and analysis of Type 1 diabetes data

  1. *Amit Desai

Master’s student (co-supervised with Dr. Meruvia-Pastor), Computer Science.

Research Assistant

Past members

* Pranjal Patra, M.Sc., Computer Science, September 2015.

    Thesis title: Regulation Expression Pathway Analysis (REPA): A novel method to facilitate biological interpretation of high throughput expression profiling data.

  1. *Chris Hammill, Research Assistant, 2014 - 2015.

  2. *Mehdi Razeghin, Research Assistant, 2013.