Computer Science 2742 -- Logic for Computer Science, Fall 2009

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12/12/2009 The final exams are now marked. The final exam mark and a preliminary course marks are posted in the updated marks file . Please let me know before Monday 2pm if there are any problems with it!
04/12/2009 Please check the marks file to ensure that all of your assignments and test marks are entered correctly. Let me know before the final exam if anything is amiss! If you were sick and made special arrangements with me for some assignments and/or tests, the corresponding cells are marked green: if you made the arrangements but I didn't mark the cell, please email me as soon as possible!
03/12/2009 Study guide for the final exam is now posted.
02/12/2009 Solutions for assignment 5 are now posted.
02/12/2009 The office hours before the final exam will be Tuesday, Dec 8th, 2pm- 5pm. The final exam itself is Dec 9th, 3-5pm, usual classroom.
27/11/2009 Typo in the code for the last question: A[f]=m should be A[f]=x. Corrected version now posted.
27/11/2009 To make question 1c easier, assume that A(2,n)=3+2n.
27/11/2009 For question 1b, assume, as a base case, that for every prime number p>2, p=2k+1 for some k
27/11/2009 Assignment 5 is postponed until Dec 2nd (Wednesday).
22/11/2009 Study guide for the second test is now posted here .
22/11/2009 Assignment 5 is now posted. Tentatively due Nov 30th.
21/11/2009 Solutions for assignment 4 are now posted.
16/11/2009 The second test, test 2, will be on Wed Nov 25th. Monday Nov 23rd will be a review for the test.
13/11/2009 Assignment 4 due date is posponed till Wednesday Nov 18. No office hours today, but there will be office hours on Monday 2-3.
04/11/2009 Solutions for assignment 3 are now posted.
04/11/2009 No office hours next Monday and Wednesday; office hours Friday 13th 1pm-3pm.
04/11/2009 Assignment 4 is now posted. Due Nov 16th.
30/10/2009 Assignment 3 postponed till Monday.
30/10/2009 There will be a long class next Wednesday, Nov 4th, to make up for cancelled lecture on Nov 9th. So no lecture Nov 9th, lecture till 1:40pm on Nov 4th.
28/10/2009 Typo: there is a missing parenthesis in 2c in the assignment: the part of the formula from exists z ... to the end of the formula should be within parentheses.
23/10/2009 Assignment 3 is now posted. Due Oct 30th.
19/10/2009 Some typos in assignment 2 solutions corrected. Check the new version (below).
19/10/2009 The lecture on Monday, Oct 19th is a review before the test. The test is on Wednesday, Oct 21st.
18/10/2009 Study guide for the first test is now posted here .
18/10/2009 Solutions for assignment 2 are now posted.
5/10/2009 Tentatively: first test is Oct 21st. Second test is Nov 20th.
5/10/2009 Solutions for assignment 1 are now posted.
01/10/2009 Assignment 2 is now posted. Due Oct 16th.
01/10/2009 Friday Oct 9th classed is canceled. To make up, on Wednesday Oct 14th we will have a longer class (till about 1:40pm).
23/09/2009 A comment about assignment 1: this is supposed to cover topics before resolution, so please do not use resolution to simplify formulas (use logical equivalences). The problem with using resolution is that it is a one-way implication, not a two-way equivalence.
21/09/2009 Assignment 1 is now posted (corrected version). Due Sep 30th.


Course information

Course Information Sheet

Lectures: 12:00-12:50 Monday, Wednesday and Friday in EN-1051
Instructor: Antonina Kolokolova , email: [Your browser cannot view this email address] , office ER-6033.
Instructor office hours: M/W 13:30-14:30 or by appointment.
Textbook: There will be no textbook for this course; however, the course notes will be posted online.
Reference book: Discrete Mathematics With Applications: Susanna S. Epp, Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory: Edgar Goodaire and Michael Parmenter.

Marking scheme ( tentative! ): ~5 assignments of 7% each, two midterm tests 15% each and a final exam 35%. Note that the last assignment will be due during the last week of the semester (to provide adequate preparation for the final exam).


Assignments and tests

Assignment1. Due Sep 30, 2009. Assignment 2. Due Oct 16, 2009.
Assignment 3. Due Oct 30, 2009. Assignment 4. Due Nov 16, 2009.
Assignment 5. Due Nov 30, 2009.


Lecture notes

A study guide for the first test. A study guide for the second test. A study guide for the final exam.