Old announcements for CS 2742, Fall 2008

24/11/2008 Lecture notes up to lecture 25 are now posted. Let me know if you notice any mistakes or omissions.
24/11/2008 Assignment 5 is now posted. Due Mon Dec 1st
19/11/2008 The study guide for the second test is now posted here . The test will cover the material from assignments 3 and 4, lectures 10 to 21.
19/11/2008 Please download the updated version of the solutions to assignment 4 (the previous missed some questions and had extra ones). Let me know if you notice any mistakes/omissions
18/11/2008 Date change for the second test: by popular demand, the second test will be on Fri, Nov 21th. On Wed there will be a review for the test.
10/11/2008 The second test will be on Wed, Nov 19th. Please let me know as soon as possible if this date is not good for you.
06/11/2008 Posted lecture notes up to lecture 19.
04/11/2008 Assignment 4 is now posted. Due Fri Nov 14th
04/11/2008 Solutions for assignment 3 is now posted.
19/10/2008 Assignment 3 is now posted. Due Wed, Oct 29th.
14/10/2008 Fixed the cicuits in solutions for assignment 2.
10/10/2008 Study guide for the midterm is now posted. The midterm is next Wednesday, Oct 15th.
09/10/2008 Solutions for assignment 2 are now posted.
07/10/2008 Clarification for the assignment (resolution): remember that you can use any clause many times, or not use some clauses at all, as long as you can get to the empty clause. Because if, say, the first three clauses contradict each other then the whole formula is false (think of the logic identity F /\ p <=> F).
05/10/2008 Lecture notes for lectures 12 and 13 are now posted.
02/10/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 11 are now posted.
30/9/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 10 are now posted.
29/9/2008 A tentative date for the first midterm test is October 15th (Wednesday after the Thanksgiving). Please let me know if this date is not convenient for you (e.g., you have other tests on the same day). The test will cover the material of the first two assignments (that is, all of propositional logic).
29/9/2008 Assignment 2 is now posted.
26/9/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 9 are now posted.
25/9/2008 Solutions for assignment 1 are now posted.
22/9.2008 In the assignment, you can use the definitions of tautology by (p \/ -p) and contradiction by (p /\ -p). In particular, they are useful in your simplifications.
22/9/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 8 are now posted.
19/9/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 7 are now posted.
17/9/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 6 are now posted.
17/9/2008 A mistake in the truth table in lecture notes 3 is corrected. Thank you very much for telling me about it!
17/9/2008 Here is the LaTeX source file for assignment 1. Please use it as a template for typing up your solutions.
15/9/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 5 are now posted.
13/9/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 4 are now posted.
11/9/2008 Assignment 1 is now posted. Due Wednesday, Sep 24.
10/9/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 3 are now posted.
8/9/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 2 are now posted.
5/9/2008 Lecture notes for lecture 1 are now posted below.