Submission Details for All Assignments

You should provide the following items for each assignment:

Procedure for Electronic Submission of Assignments

A command called submit is to be used to submit (parts of) your assignments electronically. The submit command can be run from your local shell window prompt (e.g., ace $).

You should place all of the files you wish to submit for assignment 1 in a directory named a1 (a2 for assignment 2 and so on). We recommend that you create these directories (a1, a2, etc.) in your COMP2711 directory. At the shell window prompt, make sure that your assignment file(s) (the files you wish to submit) are in the correct directory by typing ls -la ~/COMP2711/a1. Make sure that this directory contains only the file(s) that you wish to submit. Before issuing the submit command, make sure your current directory is the parent directory of the a1 directory. For example, if your assignment 1 files are located in ~/COMP2711/a1, use the command cd ~/COMP2711 to change into the COMP2711 directory before running the submit command.

Actual submission for assignment 1 is done by giving the following command from the directory above the directory containing your assignment files:

submit submit comp2711-1 a1

where comp2711-1 identifies the course and section number and a1 is the submission id for Assignment 1. (Assignment 2 will have a submission id of a2 and so on.) You will be asked to enter your password.

If you are not sure of the course or assignment id to use with the submit command, you may type submit list at the shell window prompt to get a listing of courses for which there are assignments due, before using the submit submit ... command.

If you mistakenly submit incorrect file(s), or you make changes to your file(s) after you have submitted them, you may submit again (before the due time). You will be marked on your most recent submission.

If you have any problems with submissions, please contact your course instructor, lab instructor (EN-1063) or an instructional assistant (EN-1062, EN-1064, EN-1065).