Old announcements for CS 2711, Winter 2008

26/3/2008 Assignment 6 deadline is extended until the lab tomorrow.
21/3/2008 Assignment 5 solutions are posted
19/3/2008 Assignment 5 is postponed until the lab tomorrow. . Please email me if you have questions
18/3/2008 Here are some notes on dynamic programming. The last three pages there have LIS and LCS problems
12/3/2008 Assignment 5 will be split into two parts: the written part is the actual assignment 5, due Mar 19th (not Mar 21st!), and the programming part is the assignment 6, due Mar 26th.
1/3/2008 Solutions to assignments 2 and 4 are now online here .
26/2/2008 The lecture on Friday, Feb 29th will be a review for the midterm.
26/2/2008 The schedule for the next week is as follows:
March 3rd: Midterm , March 5th: guest lecture by Todd Wareham, March 7th: No lecture. There is also no lab on March 6th.
26/2/2008 Here is an approximate list of topics to study for the midterm. Please let me know if you have any questions.
25/2/2008 Today is the last drop date. If your average so far is below 50%, please come and talk to me after the class!
20/2/2008 Assignment 4 is now available here . Due Feb 27th (next Wednesday). There no programming component in this assignment.
16/2/2008 The tentative schedule is updated.
12/2/2008 Please read sections 7.3.5 -- 7.3.7 of the textbook for suggestions for the assignment 3. You can use parts of the code from the book, but make sure to use an array to store your tree rather than the textbook or Java tree class.
31/1/2008 Assignment 3 is now available here . Due Feb 15th (Friday before the break). This is a purely programming assignment.
28/1/2008 Solutions to assignment 1 are now available here .
28/1/2008 Assignment 2 is now available here . Due Feb 6th (next Wednesday). There no programming component in this assignment.
25/1/2008 Since many of you did not manage to get the assignments to me, let's postpone the written part until Monday. If you have submitted already, but think you can do better given more time, you are welcome t o submit updated parts of your assignment on Monday, as well.
25/1/2008 CLass is canceled today due to the weather. If you are on campus, please bring your assignment to my office, otherwise you can email it to me
14/1/2008 Clarification: in assignment 1 question 3 you can take the "number" to be "integer".
11/1/2008 Assignment 1 is now posted here . Due Jan 25th at the beginning of the class.
11/1/2008 Handouts for some of the slides are available here
7/1/2008 Instructor office hours are on Wednesday and Friday, one hour before the lecture.
6/1/2008 The labs will start on Jan 17th.