Storage and information retrieval in multimedia databases

Multimedia data refers to those data which are nomally not well supported by traditonal database systems, such as image, voice, audio and video. A multimedia data differs from the traditional textual and numerical data in that it requires a large capacity of memory spaces and some of its operations are subject to the temporal/spatial constraints. As a result, it is more difficult for multimedia data than it is for traditional data to develop storage strategies and data models such that the information can be stored and retrieved efficiently. It is even more difficult if the application allows multiple users to access data on demand bases (e.g, video-on-damand). Many works are undertaken to this end and numerious prototypes have been developed. However, the performence problems remains an important issue to be resolved. My interests include the storage management for multimedia data which can provide good response time and/or high concurrency, and the development of data model that can facilitate the information retrieval for multimedia databases.