Skittles Color Sorter


This project was part of my first year programming course, ENGI1020: Introduction to Programming. I, and my partner Mohamed Adem, worked together on this project, and made a technical report detailing the coding process.

Inner Workings

The idea behind this project is to basically detect color using a light frequency sensor that emits white light that reflects off the skittles back to the array of photodiodes that determine the light frequency. With that information, a range of values can be used to determine what color exactly is under the sensor

We used an Arduino Uno as the main microprocessor. Using two servo motors, the individual Skittles pieces are separated in different containers. An LCD screen is used to output the color detected while also changing the backlight color.


The project was hosted during the Memorial University's Faculty of Engineering 50th Anniversary open house event.

Check out the project report that details the coding process from writing pseudocode to a fully functioning script.