Hi there, I am Hazem
Computer Engineer

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I’m a Computer Engineering student at Memorial University, who enjoys programming and making games. I also love photography

I'm current a second year Computer Engineering student at Memorial University of Newfoundland. At the moment, I'm on my work term with InspectAR Inc., a company that develops an augmented reality software for PCBs! A very useful tool for debugging and Tele-Engineering. Check out my work with them under "My Internships" section.

Hey, you might like my work and be interesting in hiring me for my next work term! Check out my work under "Projects" section and download my resume below.

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C# & Python & C++ & HTML & Java 90%
.NET Core and Test-Driven Development 70%
Unity 45%

My Skills

FGPA & Digital Design

It's all about the 0's and 1's. I enjoy digital logic and programming FGPAs using Verilog.

Game Development

I use game engines like Unity, Real Engine, and Godot to develop indie games.

PCB Design

What's better than bringing my electronics circuits to life and then soldering components on it?