Visual Computing and Applications (COMP 3301)




The lecture notes used for previous offerings of the course are linked below to allow you prepare for the lectures.  As the course progresses, they may be updated.


Introduction; Human Perception; Intensity & Color; Image Acquisition; Display Hardware;

Image Basics:

Image Representation; Intensity Histogram; Histogram Operation; Image Blending;

Image processing:

Image Filtering; Smoothing Filters; Sharpening Filters; Fourier Transformation; Frequency-domain Filters;

Raster Graphics:

Line Generation; Circle Generation; Line Clipping; Polygon Filling; Digital Halftoning;

Image Analysis:

Intensity Thresholding; Edge Detection; Hough Transform; Morphology Operation; Distance Transform; Region Segmentation;

Image Matching:

Corner Detection; Template Matching; Motion Estimation; Multiscale Processing;

Image Synthesis:

Geometric Operations; Warping & Sampling; Feature-Based Warping; Image Morphing;


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