Welcome to the Wilson Lab at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Our group conducts research on animal behaviour, with a focus on animal communication, predator-prey interactions, and sexual selection. Our research is theory-driven, and we tend to work on questions concerning the underlying mechanisms and functional significance of behaviour. We have worked with a variety of animal species over the years, but the majority of our research has focused on wild birds.

Graduate students in the lab are affiliated with graduate programs in either the Department of Biology or the interdisciplinary program in Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology. If you are interested in joining the lab, please send me a copy of your academic transcript, your CV, and a statement about your research interests.

Lab News:

MSc student Kaylee Busniuk was interviewed on CBC Radio about her research on kleptoparasitic interactions between herring gulls and Atlantic puffins. You can read the CBC follow-up story here. — April 2019

Jess ODea best thesis award reduced

Congratulations to Jessica O’Dea for winning Best Thesis Award at the 2019 Memorial University Psychology Day. Her research focused on the effects of traffic noise on the reproductive success of dark-eyed juncos. — April 2019

The lab welcomes incoming CABE MSc student Jessika Lamarre, who will investigate the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on cognitive development in birds. Her background in nutrition and biology, combined with her extensive experience working with seabirds, will serve her well. Welcome Jessika! — April 2019

Honours thesis student, Jessica O’Dea, submits the final version of her thesis, which focuses on the effects of traffic noise on reproductive success in dark-eyed juncos. Congratulations on a job well done! — April 2019

Kaylee Busniuk was awarded the Commander Peter G. Chance Scholarship for her research on kleptoparasitic interactions between herring gulls and Atlantic Puffins. Congratulations Kaylee! — March 2019

Former BSc Student, Nick Brown, had his Honours thesis on behavioural plasticity in sea cucumbers accepted for publication in Current Zoology. Co-supervisors Dave Wilson and Pat Gagnon are VERY proud! You can read the full article on our ‘publications’ page — December 2018

A big congratulations to Katrina Shwedack for being awarded the Leslie M. Tuck Avian Ecology Scholarship for her MSc research on the effects of anthropogenic noise on acoustic communication in dark-eyed juncos. — June 2018

Congratulations to Jeffrey Ethier and Bronwen Hennigar for successfully completing their MSc theses. Both were impressive, and both impressed the examiners. We are all very proud of you! — Autumn 2018

AOU 2017b

The Wilson Lab hits the conference circuit. Jeffrey and Bronwen present their research at the American Ornithology Meeting in East Lansing, USA, while Dave presents his research at the Animal Behavior Society Meeting in Toronto, Canada. — Summer 2017

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