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Running the DigiTcl Circuit Editor

Once the simulator engine has been compiled and the environment variables have been set, the DigiTcl circuit editor may be started by typing digitcl while in the digitcl-010 directory. For convenience, the full path of the digitcl-010 directory may be added to the PATH environment variable, thereby letting the user execute the script while in any directory.

If the location of the wish executable was not included in the user's PATH or if the installed wish binary is not actually named wish, then the circuit editor must be invoked by specifying the full path of the wish binary and providing the pathname of the digitcl script as an argument. For example:

$ /usr/local/bin/wish4.0 ~/digitcl-010/digitcl

If the DIGIUSER environment variable was not set, then the contents of the directory that was current when digitcl was invoked will be presented in the file selection dialog box. The file selection dialog box is displayed whenever the user activates the Open..., Save... or Save As... options of the File pull-down menu.

Unfortunately, a Makefile that installs the distribution files in standard directories does not yet exist. Any changes to the locations of the files will have to be made in accordance with the installation information provided above. In particular, the environment variables have to be modified appropriately when moving the location of the DigiTcl script, the simulator engine executable or the auxiliary files required by DigiTcl.

Donald Craig
Mon Jul 8 12:05:35 NDT 1996