NOTE: This web page is out of date. Please see Information Technology Services' Quick Connect guides for information on how to connect to MUN's @Memorial wireless network using Ubuntu.


This page describes how to connect to MUN's wireless network using Ubuntu v12.04 (Precise Pangolin). These instructions may also work with recent Linux distributions that use the NetworkManager applet for network connections. Ubuntu Desktop Edition can be downloaded for free from the Download Ubuntu Desktop page. MUN's Computer Science department also mirrors this version of Ubuntu (download ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-i386.iso and burn it to a CD or create a USB stick using the instructions on Ubuntu's installation page).

Before Starting...


  1. To access the wireless network configuration menu, click on the NetworkManager applet in the notification area. By default, the NetworkManager applet is typically to the right of the battery indicator in the upper right part of the desktop. When the computer is not connected to a network, the applet displays the outline of a "pie slice"-shaped icon (don't confuse it with the volume control applet to the right). Click on the name of the network assigned to you by the DAT. networkmanager image
  2. A dialog box is displayed which allows you to select authentication settings and enter your authorization details: id and password field screenshot
  3. After entering all the information, press the Connect button. A warning dialog box may be displayed indicating that no certificate has been chosen. Click the Ignore button to continue with the connection. certifcate warning screenshot
  4. An attempt will be made to connect with a wireless access point and the NetworkManager applet icon will animate. The connection may take several seconds — be patient. If the authentication succeeded, a message will be displayed and the strength of the signal will be represented graphically by the NetworkManager icon. connection success

    If the connection is not successful, try repeating the steps above, making sure you use the correct network, username and password. If you are still having problems, try some of the troubleshooting guides in the Resources section below, for help.


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