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2017 Schedule

Reg Deadline:
August 1st

Submit Deadline:
September 1st


2015 Registration is open!

We only accept at most 30 competition entries and only one entry per institution/author. Only register if you agree to releasing your source code and data - see the rules.

To register, send an email to David Churchill with the following information:

Subject: SCAI2016 ENTRY Entry Name : Contact Person Name (First, Last) : Contact Person Email Address: : Affiliation : Race (in full game) : DLL or ProxyBot : BWAPI Version (3.7.4 or 4.1.2) : Brief Description (AI techniques used, strengths, etc) :

Environment Variables / Project Settings

Trying to compile all of your submissions can result in a bit of a headache, due to the number of different configurations in your Visual Studio project files. To make this year's submission / compilation process much easier, PLEASE adhere to the following scheme inside your Visual Studio (and possibly Java) projects: If you are using Windows (which you probably are) create Environment Variables named "LIBRARY_DIR" for each included library. For example, UAlbertaBot uses BWAPI and BOOST, so we have the environment variables BWAPI_DIR and BOOST_DIR:

Then, inside your IDE's project settings, point your project to these Environment Variables rather than hard-coded directories on your computer. For UAlbertaBot, this will look like:

This will not only make it MUCH easier for us to compile your code, but for you to compile your code as well, if you (for example) change your BWAPI version. All you need to do is change the environment variable as opposed to changing multiple instances of the hard-coded directory in your project. If you stray from these suggested settings at all, please provide the details and a GOOD reason for doing so in your submission's README file.