AIIDE Presentation Slides: pdf

AI vs AI Match With Commentary: YouTube

Registration Information: Google Sheets

Win Percentage Over Time Graph: html5

Win Percentage Per Round Graph: html5

Bot Submissions (Including Source Code): download

Bot Replays: download

Bot Final IO Folders: 7zip (21mb)

Bot Crash Logs: 7zip (132kb)

Bot Survey Responses: view

Detailed Game Results / Replays: html table (may take minutes to load), or plaintext (2.37mb)
Note: Detailed has to download a 5mb javascript databse, and then draw a 9000+ row HTML table, which can take a few minutes.

These results are deprecated, an error occurred during the competition

Bot Games Win Loss Win % Avg Game Time Avg Wall Time Game Time Limit Crash Frame Timeout
Bot Win %