AIIDE Conference Presentation: pdf / pptx

Win Percentage Over Time Graph: html5

Win Percentage Per Round Graph: html5

Bot Submissions (Including Source Code): download

Bot Replays: download

Bot Final IO Folders: 7zip (178mb)

Bot Survey Responses: view

Detailed Game Results / Replays: html table (may take minutes to load), or plaintext

Note: Detailed has to download a 23mb javascript databse, and then draw a 40000+ row HTML table (which takes longer than the download), which can take a few minutes.
You can use URL parameters to filter the results before the table is fully drawn. Once the database is cached, using these parameters will allow the page to load much quicker. The parameters (which are all case sensitive) are: So for example, to see all games where UAlbertaBot crashed vs. Ximp, we use this URL:
Bot Games Win Loss Win % AvgTime Game Time Limit Crash Frame Timeout
Bot Win %