Image Manipulation

Pictures and images can also be changed or enhanced using Paint Shop Pro. Here is a picture of Signal Hill that you can download and use with this tutorial. This is the picture that will be used for these demonstrations.

NOTE: Sometimes when you save an image, it will ask you to save it in 256 colors. When you Open this image again, you many need to Increase the Color in order to get the Filter Browser options back.

To do this click on the Colors menu, then select Increase Color Depth then choose 16 Million Colors (24 Bit) from the menu. This will allow you to use the Filter Browser again.

Now we can start.

Begin by selecting the Image menu and then selecting Deformation Browser . Now the Deformation Browser menu should appear. It looks like this

Now from the Deformation Browser menu, click on Circle . Then click on the Apply button. Your image should look like this, only bigger (you can save this image, if you want).

Now start with the original picture of Cabot Tower again. Double click on the Color Icon from the Select menu.

The Color menu should look like this.

The color blue has been chosen in this picture. Now click on the OK button.

Now go to the Image menu and select Add Borders . The Add Borders menu should now appear. Change the borders to 6 and see what happens. There should now be a blue border around the picture.

If a picture looks like this, a bit dark, it can be made brighter. HERE is the image that will be used.

By using the Colors menu and selecting Adjust , the Brightness/Contrast , the image can be made brighter.

Now the Brightness/Contrast menu should appear. To brighten up the image, use the % Brightness . The picture on the right will give you a preview of what your image will look like when you change the brightness or contrast.

Now change the % Brightness to 25% , the press the OK button as see what happens. Your picture should look similar to this one.

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