First, a New file must be created. Next select the

Text Button

Now click on the new image, a screen called the Add Text

On the Add Text menu, you can change the Font , Font Style , Font Size , or add Text Effects or Special Effects to the text. Paint Shop Pro even displays a Sample of the Font so the that user will have an idea what their text will look like.

Now click on the Text box and type in Hello (or type in anything else you want).

Now change the font Size to 72 , the Font to Script , and the Font Style to Bold . Now press the OK button.

Now you should have something like this:

Now we can add special effects to the text. Click on the Image menu and select Filter Browser

Now the Filter Browser menu should appear. It looks like this

Now select the Emboss filter from the list. Click the OK button, and watch what happens. Your image should look something like this

You can even combine effects, like the Emboss and Erode

You can combine any number of these effects.

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