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Multimedia Teaching Strategies

This project is a joint venture between the Department of Computer Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Bishops College.

The multimedia teaching strategies concepts are the ideas of Ed Brown of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Allister Dyke of Bishops College.

Some of the elements which hope to be accomplished by this project are:

Research which identifies sucessful and beneficial strategies for incorporating multimedia in the classroom.

A guidebook for the use of multimedia which will combine teaching strategies, teaching aids, multimedia examples, and technical information.

A single, unified multimedia platform, which will allow technical information and multimedia to be shared among all users. Where possible, compatibility with older equipment in the schools will be kept in mind.

Teacher training materials and pilot projects, will explore the possibilities of on-site as well as remote and self-instructional training sessions.

An archive of multimedia material available via wide area network.


A Teacher's Lesson Guide

Educational Sites on the Web

these sites are organized by subject area

A Multimedia Example

This is an example of a multimedia presentation, the Tattoo here in St. John's

How These Pages Were Created.

This is a little information on what was used to create these pages.

Downloadable Software

Online Software Submission Form

A Walking Tour of St. John's by Jason Aue. This is an example of another multimedia presentation.

Multimedia and Computer Guidebook

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