Paint Shop Pro Basics

First, go to the File menu and select New , if you want to create a new image or Open , if you want to open an already created image. If open a New image, the New Image menu will come up. Here you can change the Width or Height of the image. Also you can change the Image Type , but it works best when set at 16.7 million colors.

If you are in doubt about an application or effect, you can use the online help under the Help menu, or by putting the mouse on the appropiate icon under the Select , Paint or Toolbar under the main menu.

If you make a mistake, go to the Edit menu, and select Undo . This will undo the last thing that you did.

To save a file, click on the File menu

Now you should get the Save As menu. Here the user must type in a File Name for the image they want to save. The user can also change the type of file they wish to have the image saved as by using the List Files of Type menu.

Now here are some tutorials on how to use Paint Shop Pro:

A Simple Text Creation

Image Manipulation Part One

Image Manipulation Part Two

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