Computer Science 2760 Fall 2016


Students interested in the challenge-for-credit option can find the application form online. The application goes to the Registrar’s office, but you can consult the Head of the Computer Science department to find out if you application is likely to be approved.

Course Materials

Course materials are available on MUN Desire to Learn site:

A few items from the first week of the course are reproduced below for students that may not be registered.

0. Course outline

link to pdf of course outline

1. History of Computing

Dates: Sep 9-12

Objectives: Familiarity with significant events in the history of computing; consideration of cultural and social impact of computing.

Activities: Forum, Group Discussion and Dropbox Submission (Sep 12)

Focus Question: How have advances in computing changed the nature of society?,

Resource materials:

Activity preparation

2. A Case in Ethics

Dates: Sep 14-16

Objectives: Consider computer ethics issues in a particular set of facts.

Activities: Quiz (sep 14) and Small Group Discussion (Sep 16)

Focus Question: Does the historical period (of Therac-25) change what is acceptable behaviour and responsibility of computing professionals?

Resource materials