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PyCellChemistry 2.0 Online Reference Manual

Basic classes:

Located in the src/artchem/ folder, these python modules are not meant to be invoked directly. Instead, they are imported from the modules implementing the chemistries that need them. These modules contain classes that implement the core functionalities of artificial chemistries. So far only well-mixed and compartment-based chemistries are available.

Non-spatial AC Examples:

Located in the src/ folder, these python modules implement various examples of artificial chemistries found in the literature.

Shell scripts to run the examples:

Located in the src/scripts/ folder, these shell scripts (bash) automate the process of invoking the corresponding python programme for the chemistry and plotting the obtained results.

Spatial AC examples: Reaction-Diffusion

Located in the src/RD/ folder, these examples use VPython to display two-dimensional reaction-diffusion patterns on the screen.

The RD demos are supported by the following underlying implementation modules:

Last updated: September 26, 2015, by Lidia Yamamoto