ROS on a Virtual Machine

You can execute ROS on a virtual machine using VirtualBox.  You can download VirtualBox to your own computer (it is free and available for all major operating systems).  It is also pre-installed under Linux in the lab.  Execute in the lab by opening a terminal and running virtualbox.  Download one of the following virtual machines (original posting).  Warning these are large files (~2.5GB):

To use with VirtualBox select File -> “Import Appliance…” and select the .ova file linked above.  The username and password for this virtual machine are both “pal”.  Note that this password gives you complete administrative access to the virtual machine.  The updated virtual machine (Jan. 27 version) already has the following configuration steps completed:

  • ROS pre-installed, including turtlesim, stage, and turtlebot_teleop
  • /home/pal/catkin_ws created and initialized
  • .bashrc file modified to add the environment variables for the global ROS installation as well as the workspace created above
  • /home/pal/catkin_ws/src/comp4766_a2_world installed