ROS in the Lab

We now have a version of Ubuntu 13.04 with ROS pre-installed available in EN-1049!


At the log-in screen select the button for Linux.  The computer will reboot and a menu will be displayed which includes “Windows 7″, “Ubuntu Linux” and “Gentoo Linux”.  Select “Ubuntu Linux” and hit enter.  There will be another reboot.

The default user name is arbot (password: arbot).  You can log in as arbot and you will have complete access to the machine.  However, it will be very convenient to connect your home directory so that you can access and save files.  Otherwise all the files you create and/or modify during one session will be removed.  First we will need to identify the server which actually holds your home directory.  Follow the steps below and try to remember the server name so that you only have to do this once.  For these instructions you should replace username with your actual user name.

  • Open a terminal and login to garfield:
    ssh -l username garfield
  • Get the current directory’s location:
    Generates something like this:
  • Determine the server which holds this directory.  You will need to copy the part of the directory highlighted in green above:
    mount | grep /users/labnet/st12
    Generates something like this:
    servername:/users/labnet/st12 on ...
  • Take note of servername.  Try to remember it so that you don’t have to repeat the steps above next time.

Enter the following command (with username and servername replaced appropriately) to connect your home directory to /mnt/home (this is entered all on one line):

sudo mount -t cifs -o uid=arbot,forceuid,user=username //servername/homes /mnt/home

This will ask you for the arbot password first (type arbot) and then for your own password.  If successful, there will be no output.  Do the following to change to /mnt/home and view your files:

cd /mnt/home

You are recommended to create your catkin workspace in this directory.  You should then execute the following line (or similar) so that ROS knows the location of your workspace:

source /mnt/home/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

You will need to execute this command as well as the big long mount command every time you log in.

Let us know if you have any problems!