jconsole - Java Monitoring and Management Console


jconsole [ options ] [ pid | [ host:port ]]
Process ID of a local Java VM that was started with the system property com.sun.management.jmxremote. The Java VM must be running with the same user ID as the user ID running jconsole. See JMX Monitoring and Management for details.
Name of the host system on which the Java VM is running and the port number specified by the system property com.sun.management.jmxremote.port when the JVM was started. See JMX Monitoring and Management for details.


The jconsole command launches a graphical console tool that enables you to monitor and manage Java applications and virtual machines on a local or remote machine.

NOTE: This tool is experimental and may not be available in future versions of the JDK.


Set the update interval to n seconds (default is 4 seconds).
Do not tile windows initially (for two or more connections).
Output version information and exit.
Output help message and exit.