Other Swing Changes
As a result of JTable changes, code written for v 1.2 or for JFC/Swing 1.1 might have the following problems when run in v 1.3:

Column and Row Layout Improvements

We made the following changes:

For more information, see the API documentation for the following methods and fields. Note that "obsolete" means that you should avoid using the obsolete API, but that using the API isn't dangerous enough to warrant a compile-time warning. "Deprecated" API, on the other hand, is not only obsolete but also results in a compile-time warning.

In JTable

In JTableHeader

In TableColumn

New Class: javax.swing.AbstractCellEditor

Existing Class DefaultCellEditor now extends AbstractCellEditor

New SizeSequence Utility Class

Before this release the height of rows in a JTable was always fixed. Introducing variable height rows whilst retaining the scalability requirements of the JTable (no O(N) behavior on rows) has required this new class and we have made it public as we think it may be generally useful. Indeed, table columns and the variable height rows of a JList might both use this class in the future to improve performance.

See: javax.swing.SizeSequence

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