Protocol Support

This chapter includes the following topics:


Java Plug-in supports HTTP, FTP, and GOPHER protocols, including built-in proxy configuration support.



HTTPS is supported in Java Plug-in through Java Secure Socket Extension (JSEE), which provides a Java implementation of SSL and HTTPS for the Java platform.

Error handling support

When accessing an HTTPS server, errors may occur. Java Plug-in has hooked into JSSE to provide the following types of error handling:

Potential issues with HTTPS through JSSE

Although support of HTTPS through JSSE eliminates many browser-specific problems, there are several issues that developers should be aware of:


Java Plug-in currently supports SOCKS version 4.

Note: For HTTP/HTTPS, a SOCKS proxy server may be used with a web proxy server to add caching. The behavior, however, may differ from that observed when running a similar configuration in a browser without Java Plug-in.

NTLM Authentication

Java Plug-in supports NTLM authentication protocol for HTTP/HTTPS. When attempting to access a server requiring NTLM authentication, the user will be presented with a dialog requesting two items (fields) of information: username and password. If the user's domain is the same as the domain of the server to be accessed, only username and passwork need be entered. But when the domain of the user is different from that of the server, then the domain of the server must be entered as well. It should be entered in the username field with a separating backslash (\) as follows:


password is entered as it normally is in the password field.