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Interface VMDeathRequest

All Superinterfaces:
EventRequest, Mirror

public interface VMDeathRequest
extends EventRequest

Request for notification when the target VM terminates. When an enabled VMDeathRequest is satisfied, an event set containing a VMDeathEvent will be placed on the EventQueue. The collection of existing VMDeathRequests is managed by the EventRequestManager

Even without creating a VMDeathRequest, a single unsolicited VMDeathEvent will be sent with a suspend policy of SUSPEND_NONE. This request would typically be created so that a VMDeathEvent with a suspend policy of SUSPEND_ALL will be sent. This event can be used to assure completion of any processing which requires the VM to be alive (e.g. event processing). Note: the unsolicited VMDeathEvent will still be sent.

See Also:
VMDeathEvent, EventQueue, EventRequestManager

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