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Interface AccessWatchpointRequest

All Superinterfaces:
EventRequest, Mirror, WatchpointRequest

public interface AccessWatchpointRequest
extends WatchpointRequest

Request for notification when the contents of a field are accessed in the target VM. This event will be triggered when the specified field is accessed by JavaTM programming language code or by a Java Native Interface (JNI) get function (Get<Type>Field, GetStatic<Type>Field). Access by JDI does not trigger this event. When an enabled AccessWatchpointRequest is satisfied, an event set containing an AccessWatchpointEvent will be placed on the EventQueue. The collection of existing ExceptionRequests is managed by the EventRequestManager The collection of existing watchpoints is managed by the EventRequestManager.

Note that the modification of a Field is not considered an access.

See Also:
ModificationWatchpointRequest, EventQueue, EventRequestManager

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addClassExclusionFilter, addClassFilter, addClassFilter, addInstanceFilter, addThreadFilter, field
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addCountFilter, disable, enable, getProperty, isEnabled, putProperty, setEnabled, setSuspendPolicy, suspendPolicy
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toString, virtualMachine

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