Internationalization Enhancements

This page provides an overview of internationalization enhancements in JDK 5.0:

Core Java Internationalization

Unicode 4.0 and Supplementary Character Support

Character handling is now based on version 4.0 of the Unicode standard. This affects the Character and String classes in the java.lang package, the collation and bidirectional text analysis functionality in the java.text package, character classes in the java.util.regex package, and many other parts of the JDK. As part of this upgrade, support for supplementary characters has been specified by the JSR 204 expert group and implemented throughout the JDK. For more information, see the article Supplementary Characters in the Java Platform, the Java Specification Request 204 and the Character class documentation.

Big Number Support in DecimalFormat

The DecimalFormat class has been enhanced to format and parse BigDecimal and BigInteger values without loss of precision. Formatting of such values is enhanced automatically; parsing into BigDecimal needs to be enabled using the setParseBigDecimal method.

Vietnamese Support in java.text and java.util Functionality

Vietnamese is now supported in all locale sensitive functionality in the java.util and java.text packages. See the Supported Locales document for complete information on supported locales and writing systems.

Desktop Java Internationalization

Multilingual Text Rendering

To render multilingual text, using logical fonts, 2D now takes advantage of installed host OS fonts for all supported writing systems. For example, if you run in a Thai locale environment, but have Korean fonts installed, both Thai and Korean are rendered. The JRE now also automatically detects physical fonts that are installed into its lib/fonts/fallback directory and adds these physical fonts to all logical fonts for 2D rendering.

Use of Unicode APIs on Windows

AWT now uses the Unicode APIs on Windows 2000/XP. As a result, some of its components can handle text without being restricted by Windows locale settings. For example, AWT text components can accept and display text in the Devanagari writing system regardless of the Windows locale settings.

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