Java Update

Installing the JRE automatically installs the Java Update feature. Java Update can keep your computer up to date automatically with the latest JRE releases. You no longer need to search for critical JRE updates; Java Update delivers the latest version of the JRE directly to your computer. Java Update recognizes when you are online and, using your Internet connection, searches for available updates from the Java Update web site. Whenever an update becomes available, an icon will appear in the status area of the taskbar.

You can specify how and when you want Java Update to update your computer. For example, you can set up Java Update to automatically download and install updates on a schedule that you specify. And you can choose to be notified before the download and the installation of the update occurs, or only before the installation of the update. You can also disable the option for automatic updates altogether and do them manually. It's your choice, and you can reset the options anytime you want.

For more detailed information, see Update Panel in Java Control Panel.