Mirror API

Package com.sun.mirror.type

Interfaces used to model types.


Interface Summary
AnnotationType Represents an annotation type.
ArrayType Represents an array type.
ClassType Represents a class type.
DeclaredType Represents a declared type, either a class type or an interface type.
EnumType Represents an enum type.
InterfaceType Represents an interface type.
PrimitiveType Represents a primitive type.
ReferenceType Represents a reference type.
TypeMirror Represents a type in the Java programming language.
TypeVariable Represents a type variable.
VoidType A pseudo-type representing the type of void.
WildcardType Represents a wildcard type argument.

Enum Summary
PrimitiveType.Kind An enumeration of the different kinds of primitive types.

Exception Summary
MirroredTypeException Thrown when an application attempts to access the Class object corresponding to a TypeMirror.
MirroredTypesException Thrown when an application attempts to access a sequence of Class objects each corresponding to a TypeMirror.

Package com.sun.mirror.type Description

Interfaces used to model types. A type is represented by the appropriate subinterface of TypeMirror.

Note that the apt tool and its associated APIs may be changed or superseded in future j2se releases.


Mirror API

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