regutils - win9x registry & ini file manipulation tools for unix

Regutils is a collection of programs that can assist in the installation of windows 9x software on diskless clients. The basic procedure is to take a snap shot of a (diskfull) system before and after a piece of software is installed and then look at what changed. The changes are then modified to suite the diskless environment and applied to the directory tree on the client's server. The programs in regutils can be used to identify, sort, modify and apply the changes.

In addition, some of the programs in regutils can be used for other purposes. For example, the iniedit and regedit programs can be used to customize the client's win.ini and system.dat registry as well as the user's user.dat registry and may be used to modify the system's policy file, config.pol.

The regutils package is currently maintained by Michael Rendell (

Current version

The current version is regutils-0.10 (or regutils-0.10). The following are files from this distribution:

FTP site

The regutils source distribution can be obtained from the directory (or


The following are links to html versions of the manual pages:
cat dos/windows .ini files to standard output (test program for ini library).
generate the differences between two dos/windows .ini files.
edit (or patch) a dos/windows .ini file.
filter a dos/windows .ini file by making substitutions and deletions to keys and entries.
generate the differences between two windows 9x registries.
dump or edit a binary windows 9x registry file.
filter a windows 9x registry dump by making substitutions and deletions to keys and entries.
prints hex entries in registry dumps as characters.
sorts a dump of a windows 9x registry.

Reporting Bugs

You can send bug reports, fixes, and enhancements to If you are reporting a bug (with or without a fix), please include